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Team Members

Meet the Team


Theresa Grecco

Jillian Wayman


Theresa Grecco

The Owner


After 18 years of struggling with various health issues and receiving little to no relief from
traditional medical treatments, Theresa was introduced to a holistic approach to health and
wellness. Shortly after experiencing the amazing benefits of colon hydrotherapy, she decided
to open The Body Benefit to help as many struggling or misdiagnosed patients as possible.
Theresa received her Certification by the American Institute of Natural Health and has been
practicing Colon Hydrotherapy for 7 years.

Theresa now finds great reward in walking alongside others in their journey to great health!


Jillian Wayman


Being a cancer survivor, Jillian learned that the body’s true detoxification and restorative process is not only through the skin but through the internal body as well. She experienced life
changing benefits of Ayurvedic principles; eating raw, along with Colon Hydrotherapy. In turn found she had a deep passion to help people like herself heal physically, mentally, and emotionally through Alternative Medicine and Holistic Health Care practices. She studied Anatomy; Physiology of the Human Body and Colon Hydrotherapy at Warm Springs Wellness Center and graduated with I-ACT certification in 2010. Her approach and ideologies mainly lay in 15 years of course trainings and certifications,
specializing in eastern philosophy healing modalities such as Colon Hydrotherapy, Sound Healing/Human Tuning, Ear Candling, Kinesiology, and variations of Energy Work.

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